40 Years of Bookbinding

I was amazed, delighted and momentarily speechless when I arrived at the workshop on Friday to discover a party was planned with me as the guest of honour. What on earth was going on? I just could not think what I had done to warrant such attention. There was bubbly, the most beautiful cake and a sea of smiling faces. Turns out a casual mention a while ago that this month sees me bookbinding for 40 years had been taken note of and a party planned to celebrate the occasion.

It was great to see everyone and I am touched by the generosity and the kind words spoken by friends and colleagues. I shall treasure the book of comments.

There was a quip about the first 40 years being the worse but I love my work and consider myself to be fortunate to spend my days in the workshop. I have great colleagues, interesting clients and enthusiastic students.

Some of the students have been coming to the bindery for many years and others have joined us more recently. It’s good to listen to the banter and such a pleasure to share in the moment when someone finally masters a technique that seemed impossible a short while ago.

Thank you to all those involved in the cover up and I assure you all that I do plan to continue for at least another 40 years – I could never think of doing anything else.